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Scholars - Rana Muzaffar, PhD

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Professor of Mollecular Diagnostics & Immunology
Mollecular Diagnostics & Immunology Laboratory, Sindh Institute of Urology & Transplantation (SINT), Karachi, Pakistan

Research Ethics Committee

  • 2005-Present   Member, Sindh Institute of Urology & Transplantation (SINT), Karachi, Pakistan

Ethics Activities


  • Diploma in Bioethics, Centre of Biomedical Ethics and Culture (CBEC)


  • Code of Conduct for Healthcare Professionals-Pharmaceutical Interactions at SIUT, Karachi, Pakistan, May 2007
  • Organizational ethics and its Importance in Healthcare, CBEC, SIUT, Karachi, Pakistan, 2006
  • Critique of IMOS Research Guidelines, CBEC, SIUT, Karachi, Pakistan, 2006


  • Attended "Developing a Curriculum for Medical Students" workshop, organized by UNESCO,CBEC, SIUT, Karachi, 2005.
  • Attended " Foundations of Moral Thought: from the Greeks to Contemporary Bioethics", International Seminar and Intensive Course, CBEC, SIUT, Karachi, 2005

Presentations at Scientific Conferences

  • Common Issues in Ethical review of Research: A Pakistani Persfective, 8th Asian Bioethics Conference, Bangkok, Tailand, March 19-23, 2007
  • Frequently Used Guidelines for Ethical Research, 5th Annual International Conference, Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences, Jamshoro, Pakistan, February 24-26, 2007