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Clinical Rotations


Inpatient Service

The first year of fellowship is dedicated to general nephrology training. After an initial orientation that includes didactic lectures on major clinical topics, the fellows start monthly rotations on three inpatient consultative services. These include:

  • General Consult Service that provides service for non-ICU patients with acute kidney injury or various acid-base and fluid/electrolyte disorders
  • ICU Consult Service that is responsible for patients with renal issues admitted to several medical and surgical ICUs and the Shock-Trauma Center ICUs 
  • VA/ESRD Service provides care for all the ESRD patients on hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis who are admitted to UMMC or VA Medical Center, as well as non-ESRD consults at VA Hospital.

During the second year the Clinical Track fellows have 3-4 months of consultative service on transplant rotations. This period will be divided between Transplant Surgery Service, Transplant Medicine Service, Transplant Transitional Care Unit, and Transplant Clinic. The remainder of the year will be divided between research and elective time. Elective rotations are available on Radiology, Interventional Radiology, Pediatric Nephrology, Nephropathology, Urology, and Transplant services. For fellows in the 3-year Research Track, the clinical rotations during second year will be minimized to allow them to start their training in basic or clinical research. (See the Sample Schedule Below).

Outpatient Service

In addition to inpatient rotations, the second-year fellows in the Clinical Track have a weekly dialysis clinic at the Parkview IDF unit on Monday afternoons, during which they manage 10-15 hemodialysis patients and 5-10 peritoneal dialysis patients. The fellows have a general nephrology clinic on Thursday afternoons throughout the two years of training. In addition, the second-year fellows, and the first-year fellows only when they are on VA/ESRD service, attend the VA Renal Clinic on Wednesday mornings. Kidney transplant patients are slated for fellows on their Thursday Clinic schedule throughout the two years.  Second-year fellows also attend the daily transplant clinic for at least one month. Additional months may be scheduled during elective time for those trainees with special interest in transplant medicine. (See the Sample Schedule)

Sample Schedule

Year/Track   Inpatients   Outpatients  
First year  
  • General Nephrology Consult,  Months 1,4,7,10 
    Months 2,5,8,11
  • ICU Consult
    Months 3,6,9,12
 -Weekly Nephrology Clinic,    Months 1-12
Weekly VA Clinic,
Months 2,5,8,11
2nd Year/Clinical Track  
  • Transplant Surgery, Month 1 
  • Transplant Medicine, Month 4 
  • Transplant Clinic,  Month 8
  • Research, Month 2,3,6 
  • Elective Months 5,7,9-12
 - Chronic Dialysis Unit,
Months 1-12
- Weekly Nephrology Clinic,
Months 1-2
- Weekly VA Clinic,
Months 1-12
2nd Year/Research Track  
  • Transplant Surgery/ Transplant Medicine-Month 1 
  • Transplant Clinic Month-2 
  • Research-Month 3-12
 - Chronic Dialysis Unit,
Months variable
- Weekly Nephrology Clinic,
Months 1-12
- Weekly VA Clinic,
Months variable
3rd Year/Research Track
  • Research-Month 1-12
- Research- Month 1-12