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Immunoparasitology Unit

Head of Unit

The Immunoparasitology Unit is located within the CVD Malaria and Immunology Groups and studies the human immune response to parasites. The Unit is led by Dr. Kirsten E. Lyke, a medical researcher and physician in infectious diseases. Dr. Lyke conducts and participates in field, clinical and immunologic studies of Plasmodium falciparum and helminthes/schistosomiasis. Immunologic studies involve the investigation of the human immune response to individual or co-infecting parasites, including immunomodulation via T and B regulatory cells, T and B cell effector function , T and B cell memory, mechanisms of lymphocyte activation, cytotoxic T cell activity and lymphoid cell populations involved in the generation of protective immune responses. The unit is skilled in the conduct of conventional and mass flow cytometry as well as functional assays such ex vivo and cultured ELISpots, proliferation assays, and ELISAs. This unit is one of the few immunology laboratories dedicated solely to the immunopathology of parasites that cause human disease.

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