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VPN Instructions

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) lets you securely access many assets on the School of Medicine’s network from a remote location. You can only access IRIS, Teleform data and data in the PHI Zone through the VPN.

The School of Medicine (SOM) Office of Information Services grants VPN access. The SOM Help Desk provides client software, VPN logon accounts and assigns/resets passwords.

Installing and Connecting to the SOM VPN

Usernames and Passwords

Whether you can logon the VPN as you normally logon to your to networked computer depends on the network domain to which your computer belongs. Here’s how to determine your network domain. In Windows 2000 or XP, right-click on My Computer and left-click on Properties. Click on the"Identification" tab (Windows 2000) or the "Computer Name" tab (Windows XP). The Domain name appears on that display.

For Computers in the Domain

If your computer is in this domain, you have a SOM network account. Use the same USERNAME and password for the VPN that you normally use to logon. The VPN and SOM domain passwords are synchronized. Your password will expire in 90 days. You will receive a notice about two weeks before a password expires when you logon to the SOM domain.

For Computers in Other Domains or People Using a Different Network Account

The Help Desk will create a special VPN account and USERNAME for you if your computer is located in a different domain (e.g. Medicine, Surgery, etc.) or organization (e.g., UPI, UMMS, etc.). Your VPN USERNAME and password may not be the same as those for your normal domain. You will not automatically receive a notice before your VPN password expires after 120 days. Contact the SOM Help Desk if you are unable to login.