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E-mail FAQ

Outlook Client Software

What is Microsoft Outlook? Why would I use it for my e-mail needs?

Microsoft Outlook is e-mail client software designed to work with the School of Medicine’s Microsoft Exchange e-mail system. The Office of Information Services recommends and supports Outlook. Outlook manages e-mail, schedules meetings, and adds the campus Global Address List to your personal Contact list. In addition, Outlook does Calendaring, Task lists and reminders, Journals and Notes.

What is the difference between Outlook and Outlook Express?

Microsoft Outlook Express is Outlook-lite. It lacks most of Outlook’s features. We do not recommend or support Outlook Express for use in the School of Medicine.

In Microsoft Outlook, how do I recover items that I have already deleted?

There are two types of Deleted Items recovery.

Recover items currently in the Deleted Items folder: Open the Deleted Items folder, click and drag the item back into one of the other folders on the Outlook Shortcut Bar or in the Folder List.

In Outlook 2002 and above, you can recover deleted items after you have emptied the Deleted Items folder. These items may be recovered up to 30 days from the deletion date. After that time, they are permanently deleted.

Open the Deleted Items folder; click Recover deleted items from the Tools menu. Select the items to be recovered from the list. The selected items will be returned to your Deleted Items folder. From there you may move them into one of your other mail folders.

What’s the capacity of my mailbox?

The SOM mailbox size limit is 100MB including the Inbox and all folders. You will receive "Over the Size Limit" messages when your mailbox reaches approximately 90MB. When you receive your first warning message, please begin cleaning out your mail folders including the contents of the Sent and Deleted Items folders.

How much of this capacity have I used?

If you want to see the size of your entire mailbox, from the Folder List view, right-click on the Outlook Today - [Your Name] or the Mailbox -  [Your Name]. Click Properties then click the Folder Size button. To learn the size of a folder, right-click the folder in question on the Outlook Shortcut Bar or in the Folder List, click Properties then click the Folder Size button.

What are archived files? Are these the same as .pst files?

Archive files are the same as .pst files. Archive files are e-mail items moved from your mailbox folders to another location to reduce the size of your mailbox. The SOM recommends archiving your mailbox to prevent overflowing your mailbox.

How do I read messages in an archive file?

Instructions on archiving and retrieving archived messages.

What can I do about junk e-mail?

In Outlook 97, use the Rules Wizard to set rules or filters to weed out junk e-mail. Later versions of Outlook employ a simpler Junk E-mail scheme. When a "junk" message arrives, right-click it and select Junk E-mail. (More information on junk e-mail.)

Campus performs junk e-mail filtering with the IronPort system. By default, all e-mail is filtered by IronPort system unless you specifically request otherwise. If you periodically receive messages from IronPort Quarantine, this confirms some of your mail was captured before reaching your mailbox.

Check IronPort Quarantine daily for messages that may be incorrectly quarantined. For additional information about IronPort, view the campus website. 

Who is the e-mail Postmaster?

The e-mail Postmaster is the default e-mail account used for general purposes. A copy of undeliverable all e-mail goes to the Postmaster.

How do I let others know I will be on vacation?

Turn on the Out of Office Assistant. Enter a message telling people about your absence and, if necessary, instructing them who to contact.

What is the size limit for e-mail file attachments on the SOM network? On the Campus network? On other networks?

Currently, 30 MB is the attachment size limit on the SOM network. This is the same at the Campus limit. The size limit for other e-mail systems may be smaller. Contact the e-mail administrator of the destination network to determine whether your attachment is too large to be received.

Why isn’t the e-mail address of every UMB employee in the Global Address List?

The Global Address List (GAL) is collaboration between the School of Medicine, Campus and most other UMB schools and/or organizations. Most campus schools and organizations currently participate.

How do I automatically add an e-mail sender’s name and address to my Contacts?

With the e-mail message open, right-click on the "From" address. Select the Add to Contacts option.

How can I access e-mail in my SOM account when I am off-campus?

We offer two ways to do e-mail remotely. Outlook Web Access is a browser-based e-mail portal. It works best with Internet Explorer. Detailed instructions for using Outlook Web Access.

Alternatively, you can use Outlook through the VPN client.

If your problem/question was not addressed here or you need more information, please call the Help Desk or see our Service page. 

Outlook Web Access

What is Outlook Web Access (OWA)?

OWA is the browser-based portal to the School of Medicine’s Microsoft Exchange e-mail system. It offers most of the features found in Outlook. OWA performs best when you use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to access it.

Where is the OWA e-mail portal?

The URL is The portal works best using Internet Explorer 6 or above. Some functions may not work correctly when using other browsers.

How do I delete e-mail messages in OWA?

To delete messages in OWA, select the message and either click the delete key or click the X on the Outlook Toolbar just as you would in Outlook.

If I delete an e-mail message in OWA, will it also be deleted from the server?


How do I empty my OWA Deleted Items folder?

Use the same method as in Outlook: Right-click the Deleted Items folder and select "Empty Deleted Items".

How do I create and manage folders in OWA?

In the left panel, select the Parent folder under which you want to create the new folder. Right-click and select "New Folder". When the Create New Folder Box appears, type a name for your folder and click OK.

When I use OWA to make new a calendar appointment, why doesn’t it appear on the screen?

After entering the appointment, click the Reload or Refresh button. Navigate to your calendar again to see your appointment.

If your problem/question was not addressed here or you need more information, please see our Service page.