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RTC Waiver Program Research and Evaluation: Study 9

Family Navigator Project

The Maryland Coalition of Families for Children’s Mental Health provides Family Navigator services throughout the state of Maryland. Family Navigators complete a “Family Contact Sheet” to provide data on these contacts. Included in the data is family specific information, demographics, medication use, mental health utilization and CANS Screening. This rich data has not been systematically studied to better characterize family navigation services utilization. The specific objectives of this study are to:  

  1. develop a de-identified database of Family Contact Sheet information available from the past five years,
  2. analyze this contact data to provide information on service utilization as described above,
  3. use data to identify outreach efforts to engage families for resources earlier in their contact with mental health services, and
  4. use data to compare consumers who use Family Navigator services that are self-directed (the current system) vs. services where the initial contact is made by a child serving system (the PCORI grant where services are offered for youth approved for antipsychotic medication).

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