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RTC Waiver Program Research and Evaluation: Study 8

Family Trauma Treatment Solutions

Children and their families exposed to trauma present as a complex and heterogeneous group that needs tailor made decision making tools and processes to match their unique needs to available evidence-based trauma treatments. We believe the complex heterogeneous presentation (clinical presentation combined with insufficient systems) is related to current difficulties impacting access, engagement, tolerability, retention, and completion of treatments thwarting the positive outcomes promised by current treatment options. This project aims to provide direction for clinicians who are often overwhelmed by the challenges of treating trauma in families. We will collect information regarding intervention needs specific to sequencing family-focused trauma treatment. Having reviewed the literature, we will determine a treatment pathway in order to establish the critical decisions clinicians must make. Using sequential multiple assignment randomized trial (SMART) methodology, we will test this pathway by tailoring individuals’ components of care in order to meet their needs using empirically based decision rules. This methodology will allow us to assist clinicians with the difficult decisions they regularly face when treating families that have experienced trauma.  

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