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RTC Waiver Program Research and Evaluation: Study 6

Utilizing E-Health Technology to Promote Home- and Community-Based Behavioral Health

The purpose of the current project is to partner with Maryland’s Youth Advisory Council to develop research and practice-informed guidelines for Maryland to advance e-health for the purposes of enhancing home- and community-based care for youth. Specifically, the project seeks to develop evidence-based and consumer-informed recommendations for statewide e-health policies and practices designed to improve the quality of community mental health care for youth in Maryland. Recommendations will be disseminated to key stakeholders in order to evaluate potential e-health opportunities for diversion to community care. This project is consistent with the objectives of the 1915(c) PRTF Waiver, as it is focused specifically on improving the quality of behavioral health care for high-need youth being served in the community through use of innovative technologies in the field.  

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