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RTC Waiver Program Research and Evaluation: Study 1

Core Competency Training for Co-occurring Disorders

The purpose of the study is to build upon existing efforts in Maryland to develop core competency training and implementation guides for an integrated behavioral health system for youth. Specifically, we will develop, pilot and refine an online core competency curriculum for addressing co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues among youth in Maryland. Via an iterative development process, we will solicit feedback from pilot users to inform content, format and interface improvements. Some or all of the following components will be included:

  1. package of online training program modules, which can be selected from a menu based on individual practitioner or agency needs,
  2. access to streamed video of the in-person trainings,
  3. an evolving Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) forum,
  4. brief video vignettes and training tips for common presenting issues, and
  5. an online learning community to promote communication and support among practitioner users.

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