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Our Mission

The mission of the Program in Personalized and Genomic Medicine is to facilitate the pace of discovery in Personalized and Genomic Medicine; to accelerate the translation of these new discoveries to improve patient care; and to enhance the training and education of future generations of physicians and scientists in personalized medicine and genome science.

The unveiling of the complete sequence of the human genome is providing exciting new insights into human biology and disease. Coupled with advances occurring in areas such as high throughput technologies and computing, exceptional opportunities now exist to uncover the molecular bases of many medical conditions, from rare monogenic diseases to common diseases of complex inheritance - discoveries that will translate into exciting new strategies for prevention and treatment.

Human Chromosomes

The Program in Personalized and Genomic Medicine is an inter-departmental program that emphasizes a multidisciplinary team approach to research training and discovery. Faculty have expertise across a wide range of disciplines including clinical investigation, molecular genetics, cytogenetics, cancer genetics, biochemical genetics, functional genomics, molecular and cell biology, genetic epidemiology, statistical genetics, and bioinformatics.

The program offers opportunities for students at all stages including undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate. The graduate program grants both master’s and doctoral level degrees.Graduate training for students interested in genetics and genomics is supported by the Graduate Program in Life Sciences, including the Program in Epidemiology and Human Genetics and the Program in Molecular Medicine. In addition, there is the American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC) nationally accredited Master's in Genetic Counseling  training program. Positions are also available for post-doctoral fellows in genetics/genomics as well as M.D. fellows.