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SOM Festival of Science 2013

The ACCEL-Med Initiative was launched in late 2013 at the inaugural Festival of Science, an annual, full-day symposium highlighting groundbreaking research
being done by School of Medicine faculty members.

The first Festival’s keynote address was given by the Director of the National
Institutes of Health, Francis Collins, MD, PhD.
Dr. Collins praised the work being
done at the University of Maryland Medicine, and applauded this type of ongoing
evaluation of our research portfolio.

Festival Research Presentations:

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Festival of Science Agenda: November 22, 2013 HSF II Auditorium

The day’s topics included research in genomic medicine, neuropharmacology, oncopharmacology, stem cell treatments, and advances in transplant science. These topics were critiqued by the School of Medicine’s Scientific Advisory Council (SAC), composed of five pre-eminent biomedical researchers and physician- scientists.

Dean Reece 8:45am Welcome 
--Dean E. Albert Reece, MD, PhD, MBA


Collins Speaking 

Francis Collins 9:00am Keynote address
--Francis Collins, MD, PhD


Robin Pierson9:35am Group 1: Institute for Genome Sciences
(Moderator: Robin Pierson, MD)


Claire FraserIGS Overview
--Claire Fraser, PhD


David RaskoApplication High-Throughput Sequencing to Genomic Epidemiology
--David Rasko, PhD


IGS Speakers 

Rebecca Brotman The vaginal microbiome and women's health: implications for clinical translation
--Rebecca Brotman, PhD


TimO'ConnorHuman population genomics with next-generation sequencing
--Timothy O’Connor, PhD


 11:10am BREAK 

Curt Civin11:15am Group 2: Dept. of Pharmacology
(Moderator: Curt Civin, MD)


Margaret McCarthyThe Department of Pharmacology: Current Success and Future Potential
--Margaret McCarthy, PhD


Pharm Speakers 

Thomas AbramsNeuropharmacology: Where we are and where we are going
--Thomas Abrams, PhD


Yun QiuOncopharmacology: Where we are and where we are going
--Yun Qiu, PhD


12:45pm LUNCH 

Alan Shuldiner 2:30pm Group 3: Dept. of Surgery
(Moderator: Alan Shuldiner, MD)


Stephen BartlettDepartment Overview
--Stephen Bartlett, MD


Surgery Speakers 

Rolf Barth Vascularized Bone Marrow as an Immunomodulatory Approach in Transplantation
--Rolf Barth, MD


John OlsonClinical and Basic Research in Hyperparathyroidism: From Bedside (to Bank) to Bench
--John Olson, Jr., MD, PhD


Sunjay KaushalNovel therapeutics for Pediatric Cardiomyopathy using Resident Cardiac Stem Cells
--Sunjay Kaushal, MD, PhD


Bartley Griffith“Halfway Technologies” and “Magical Metronomes” for Heart and Lung Diseases That Have “Left the Barn”
--Bartley Griffith, MD



Dean Reece4:00pm Closing remarks
--Dean Reece



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