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Mao  Fu

Mao Fu M.B.B.S., Ph.D.

Academic Title: Visiting Assistant Professor
Primary Appointment: Medicine
Location: Howard Hall, 484
Phone: (410) 706-1065
Fax: (410) 706-1622

Research Interests:

My major research interests are to identify susceptibility loci of common, complex diseases that particularly focus on obesity and type 2 diabetes. The genetic contribution to obesity and diabetes has been established through family studies, investigations of parent-offspring relationships, and the study of twins and adopted children. Identification of genes that increase susceptibility to obesity would impact public health by providing basic biological and clinical insights that could lead to individualized and more effective prevention and treatment strategies.

Since 1995, Dr. Alan R. Shuldiner and colleagues have worked closely with the Amish community to study the genetics of a number of complex diseases and traits. To date 3,500 subjects have been recruited, 3,222 of whom have been phenotyped for obesity and related traits. The overall objective of my project is to discover new genes for obesity and diabetes through an agnostic genome-wide association approach and to characterize these novel genes functionally. My experiences in genetics and cell and molecular biology, coupled with my clinical training in endocrinology, have deepened my understanding of the complexity of obesity and diabetes.


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