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Saranya  Chumsri

Saranya Chumsri M.D.

Academic Title: Assistant Professor
Primary Appointment: Medicine
Location: UMMC, S9D15B
Phone: (410) 328-6373
Phone: (410) 328-5790
Fax: (410) 328-6896

Personal History:


1993-1999: M.D. summa cum laude Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
2002-2005: Internal Medicine, Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA
2005-2008: Hematology/Oncology Fellowship, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD


1993: Bronze Medal, The 4th INTERNATION BIOLOGY OLYMPIAD at University of Utrecht, Netherlands
1993: Outstanding Youth in Science and Technology Section of the year 1993, National Youth Bureau
1993: Talented Student Awarded by the committee of Thai National Children's day
1993: Merit Award from Thai Science and Technology Association Under The Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King 1993
1996: Honor for Excellence in Surgery, Chulalongkorn University
1998: Honor for Excellence in Pediatrics, Chulalongkorn University
1998: Honor for Excellence in Orthopedics, Chulalongkorn University
2000: Outstanding Staff, Mongkut Rayong Hospital, Rayong
2003: Second place in Resident Research Competition Awarded by Physician Education Foundation, Albert Einstein Medical Center
2005: Sonia Stupniker, M.D. Library Award In recognition of outstanding achievement in scholarly activity, Albert Einstein Medical Center

Research Interests:

My main disease focus is in breast cancer and I am primarily interested in translational research. My major goal is to collaborate and work with our scientists here at University of Maryland and help translate their significant findings into clinical trials. I am particularly interested in exploiting novel cancer-specific targets for treatment and prevention for breast cancer as well as developing appropriate biomarkers to predict the response for certain targeted therapies. I plan to conduct series of clinical trials to test the efficacy of multiple novel targeted therapies in different subtypes of breast cancer.

Since endocrine therapy is the mainstay treatment for the majority of breast cancer, my focus is also on identifying mechanisms of de novo and acquired endocrine-resistance in breast cancer and develop the specific targeted therapy or strategies for these patients.

Clinical Speciality:

Dr. Chumsri is American Board certified in Internal Medicine, Hematology, and Oncology. Her clinical specialty is in breast cancer.


Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

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