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James S. Gammie

James S. Gammie M.D.

Academic Title: Professor
Primary Appointment: Surgery
Administrative Title: Division Head, Cardiac Surgery
Location: 110 S. Paca Street, 7th Floor
Phone: (410) 328-5842
Fax: (410) 328-2750

Personal History:

James S. Gammie, MD, is a Professor of Cardiac Surgery at The University of Maryland School of Medicine and is Director of the Center for Heart Valve Disease.  He is board certified by the American Board of Thoracic Surgery.

Gammie graduated from Brown University with a degree in biochemistry.  He received his M.D. from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, where he ranked in the top five percent of his class.  Gammie trained in both general and cardiothoracic surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Dr. Gammie returned to the University of Massachusetts Medical School, where he was an assistant professor of cardiothoracic surgery and surgical director of cardiac transplantation and mechanical circulatory support.  He started a heart transplantation program and performed the first heart transplant at that institution.  He joined the staff at the University of Maryland Medical Center in 2002 to join his mentor, Dr. Bartley Griffith.  Since joining the University of Maryland Heart Center in 2002, Dr. Gammie’s clinical and research efforts have focused on the surgical treatment of heart valve disease. He performs over 200 mitral valve operations per year and serves as part of a cardiac surgery team that performs more than 1000 open heart cases per year.

Dr. Gammie serves as chair of the Access and Publications Committee for the Society of Thoracic Surgeons National Cardiac Database.  He has a strong interest in outcomes research in heart valve surgery.  He has published over 90 articles in journals such as The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery and Circulation, and serves on the Editorial Board of the Annals of Thoracic Surgery. He serves as principal investigator at the University of Maryland for three prospective randomized multicenter mitral valve surgery trials sponsored by the NHLBI.

Dr. Gammie has refined a radically different beating-heart procedure for the treatment of aortic stenosis and has one of the largest contemporary experiences with this procedure –aortic valve bypass surgery – in the world. He is a co-founder of Correx, Inc., which has developed surgical tools to facilitate this procedure that are now in early clinical use.

Dr. Gammie's research interests also include the development of medical devices to enable beating-heart mitral valve repair. In 2010 he was the sole academic faculty recipient of a Maryland Biotechnology Center Translational BioMaryland LIFE Prize Award to further this technology.

Research Interests:

Outcomes research, cardiac surgery (Society of Thoracic Surgeons National Cardiac Database), surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation, minimally invasive mitral valve surgery, aortic-valve bypass surgery

Clinical Speciality:

Cardiac surgery

- mitral valve surgery

- aortic valve bypass surgery

- surgery for the treatment of atrial fibrilla


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