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Jay S. Magaziner
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Jay S. Magaziner Ph.D., M.S.Hyg.

Academic Title: Professor
Primary Appointment: Epidemiology & Public Health
Secondary Appointments: Medicine, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science
Administrative Title: Chair, Department Of Epidemiology & Public Health
Location: HH, 200
Phone: (410) 706-3553
Fax: (410) 706-4433

Personal History:

  • M.S.Hyg., Epidemiology, 1982
  • Ph.D., University of Chicago, Human Development/ Social Science

Research Interests:

Dr. Magaziner pursues research in aging in three interrelated areas: the consequences of hip fracture; population health and health outcomes; and methods for studying older populations. The major focus of this work is to identify ways of enhancing functioning and improving the quality of life for older persons. The specific condition which Dr. Magaziner has targeted is hip fracture. Studies include examining changes in bone and muscle following hip fracture, changes in bone turnover, hip fracture outcomes in men, and the design and implementation of interventions to improve outcomes from hip fracture.


Selected publications are listed below. A comprehensive list of Dr. Magaziner’s publications can be found on PubMed.

Magaziner J, Simonsick EM, Kashner TM, Hebel JR, Kenzora JE. Predictors of functional recovery one year following hospital discharge for hip fracture: a prospective study. J Gerontol 1990;45(3):M101-M107. [PMID:2335719]

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Wehren LE, Hawkes W, Orwig D, Hebel JR, Zimmerman SI, Magaziner J. Gender differences in mortality after hip fracture: the role of infection. J Bone Miner Res 2003;18(12):2231-2237. [PMID:14672359]

Fox KM, Magaziner J, Hawkes WG, YuYahiro J, Hebel JR, Zimmerman SI, Holder L, Michael R. Loss of bone density and lean body mass after hip fracture. Osteoporosis Int 2000; 11(1):31-35. [PMID:10663356]

YuYahiro JA, Michael RH, Dubin NH, Fox KM, Hawkes WG, Hebel JR, Zimmerman SI, Shapiro J, Magaziner J. Serum and urine markers of bone metabolism during the year after hip fracture. J Am Geriatr Soc 2001;49(7):877-883. [PMID:11527478]

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