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Leslie  I. Katzel

Leslie I. Katzel M.D., Ph.D.

Academic Title: Associate Professor
Primary Appointment: Medicine
Additional Title(s): Associate Director for Clinical of the Baltimore GRECC; Assistant Program Director University of Maryland GCRC
Location: Baltimore VA Medical Center, Room 4B-189
Phone: (410) 605-7248
Fax: (410) 605-7913

Research Interests:

Dr. Katzel's research examines the effect of candidate gene polymorphisms on the lipid and glucose metabolic and blood pressure response to exercise and weight loss interventions in older people. These collaborative studies are conducted with Drs. Hagberg, Ryan, Goldberg, and Shuldiner. Dr. Katzel  collaborates with Shari Waldstein, Ph.D. and Stephen Seliger, M.D. on studies that examine the effect of hypertension, insulin resistance syndrome, and chronic kidney disease on neurcognitive function and neurocognition. Dr. Katzel collaborates with Drs Kris Ann Oursler and Barbara Smith on the effects of exercise training on functional performance and metabolic function in older HIV-infected adults with the lipodystrophy syndrome. Dr. Katzel is also Core Director of the Clinical Physiology Core of the UMB Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center and collaborates with Drs. Ryan, Macko, Goldberg, and other Pepper Center Investigators on the effects of exercise training in hemiparetic stroke patients.

As Associate Director for Clinical of the Baltimore GRECC, Dr. Katzel oversees the GRECC Clinical Demonstration Projects.  Dr. Katzel attends on the general medical service at the Baltimore VA Medical Center and is director of the fourth year medical student clinical and research elective in geriatrics and gerontology, and director for the research elective in gerontology for medical housestaff. Dr. Katzel also plays an active role in mentoring geriatric medicine fellows, and is a co-investigator/mentor on two T32 training grants and the NIH K30.

Dr. Katzel is recognized for his contributions to the ethical oversight of research conducted at UMB. Dr. Katzel is a former chair and vice-chair of the UMB IRB and continues to serve on the IRB. As one of the Assistant Program Directors of the University of Maryland GCRC he works with Kathleen Palmer, the research subject advocate on protocol safety and data safety monitoring.  He lectures frequently on the ethical oversight of research and good clinical practice guidelines, and chairs several safety monitoring boards. At a national level, he serves as a consultant/site visitor for AAHRPP.


Most Recent Publications

Izquierdo-Porrera AM, Gardner AW, Bradham DD, Montgomery PS, Sorkin JD, Powell CC, Katzel LI. Relationship between objective measures of peripheral arterial disease severity to self-reported quality of life in older adults with intermittent claudication. J Vasc Surg 2005;41(4):625-630.

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