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Davide  Zella

Davide Zella Ph.D.

Academic Title: Assistant Professor
Primary Appointment: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Location: 725 W. Lombard Street N458
Phone: (410) 706-0995
Lab: (410) 706-4687

Personal History:

PhD: University of Pavia, Italy
Post Doctoral fellow: National Research Council, Pavia, Italy Post Doctoral fellow: Hospital San Matteo, Pavia, Italy Guest Researcher: Laboratory of Tumor Cell Biology, NCI, NIH, Bethesda, MD

Professional experience
1995-1999: Research Associate, Institute of Human Virology
1999-2006: Research Assistant Professor, Institute of Human Virology
2006-present: Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Other activities and Honors
1989-present: Italian Board of Biologists
1989-1992 Post-Doctoral fellowship from Hoffmann-La Roche, Italy.
1992-1994 Fellowship of the Italian Ministry of Health for the â?oFight against AIDSâ? (Rome, Italy).
10/2006-6/2007: Senator of the UMBI Faculty-Staff Senate
2/2004-present: President, Research and Progress Foundation, Rome, Italy.

Ad hoc reviewer
2005-Present: Blood
2005-Present: British Journal of Hematology
2005-Present: The Anatomical Record
2006-Present: Journal of Molecular Medicine

Research Interests:

1. Molecular mechanisms of HIV-mediated immuno-suppression, in particular Tat-mediated and IFn-alpha-mediated

2. Anti-cancer-effects of IFN-alpha

3. Co-factors implicated in the onset of AIDS: studies of their in vitro and in vivo effects.