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Robert J. Bloch

Robert J. Bloch Ph.D.

Academic Title: Professor
Primary Appointment: Physiology
Secondary Appointments: Orthopaedics
Location: HSF-I, 580C
Phone: (410) 706-3020
Fax: (410) 706-8341
Lab: (410) 706-2665

Personal History:


  • 1967: A.B., Columbia University, Biological Sciences 
  • 1972: Ph.D., Harvard University, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 



  • 1990-present: Professor, with tenure, Department of Physiology, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD
  • 2013-present: Professor, Department of Orthopaedics, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD


  • 2007-2010: System Affiliate Professor, Medical Biotechnology Center, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute 
  • 1989-1990: Ernma and Jacob Michael Visiting Professor, Department of Chemical Immunology, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel 
  • 1985-1990: Associate Professor, with tenure, Department of Physiology, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD 
  • 1980-1985: Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD 
  • 1976-1980: Research Associate, Neurobiology Laboratory, The Salk Institute, San Diego, CA
  • 1972-1976: Postdoctoral Fellow, Biozentrum der Universitaet, Basel, Switzerland
  • 1967-1972: Graduate Student, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program, Harvard University

Research Interests:

  • Organization of the Plasma Membrane and Intracellular Membranes in Excitable Cells
  • Acetylcholine Receptors
  • Synapse Formation
  • Organization of Striated Muscle Membrane-associated Cytoskeleton
  • Myofibrillogenesis
  • Muscular Dystrophies and Related Cardiomyopathies

Lab Techniques and Equipment:

  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Muscle Physiology
  • Muscle Ultrastructure
  • Biacore and Surface Plasmon Resonance
  • Xenografting

Laboratory Personnel:

  • Joaquin Muriel-Gonzalez (Research Associate) Structure and function of intermediate filaments and dysferlin in skeletal muscle
  • Valeriy Lukyanenko (Senior Research Analyst) Sysferlin and Ca2+ signaling
  • Yinghua Zhang (Research Associate) Studies of protein-protein interaction with surface plasmon resonance
  • Paraskevi Sakellariou (Postdoctoral Fellow) Xenografting human myogenic cells into mice for studies of muscular dystrophy
  • Karla Garcia-Pelagio (Postdoctoral Fellow) Molecular biological and biomechanical studies of the role of intermediate filaments in skeletal muscle
  • Patrick Desmond (Graduate Student) Small ankyrin 1 as a regulator of the structure and function of the sarcoplasmic reticulum in striated muscle
  • Andrea O’Neill (Senior Research Assistant) Cell and molecular studies of mice null for intermediate filament proteins, especially keratins and desmin
  • Amber Mueller (Graduate Student) Xenografting
  • Emily Kleinhans (Research Assistant) Molecular biological studies of structural proteins in muscle

Grants and Contracts:

My current grants are from the NIH (one RO1 and one R21, from NIAMS and NINDS, respectively), the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the Jain Foundation.


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