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Richard F. Mayer
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Richard F. Mayer M.D., FAAN, FRSM

Academic Title: Professor Emeritus
Primary Appointment: Neurology
Location: UMMC
Phone: (410) 706-6689 (office)
Phone: (410) 328-6484 (lab)
Fax: (410) 328-5899

Personal History:

  • B.S., St. Bonaventure College, New York, Magna Cum Laude, 1950
  • M.D., University of Buffalo School of Medicine, Alpha Omega Alpha, 1954
  • Medical Internship, Boston City Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, 1954-1955
  • Fellow in Neurology, Mayo Clinic and Foundation, Rochester, Minnesota, 1955-1956
  • Resident in Neurology, Massachusetts General Hospital, 1956-1957, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Assistant in Research, The National Hospital, Queen Square, 1957-1958, London, England
  • Resident in Neuropathology, Massachusetts General Hospital, 1958-1959, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Research Fellow in Neurology, Harvard Neurological Unit, 1960-1964, Boston City Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Guest Worker - Laboratory of Neural Control, NINCDS (NIH), 1974-1975, Sabbatical Period

Research Interests:

Clinical experience with neuromuscular diseases, especially myasthenia gravis, polymyositis, peripheral neuropathies – focal and generalized – and motor neuron diseases. Clinical experience with electrodiagnostic techniques used in the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients with neuromuscular diseases. Pathologic evaluation of biopsies of muscle and peripheral nerve using histological and histochemical stains essential in the diagnosis of many diseases of muscle and nerve. Long-term follow-up and management of patients using a variety of treatments such as IVIg, immunosuppressant  meds, pain management for neuropathic pain and cramps. Research over the years has focused on the pathophysiology of neuromuscular disease to improve diagnosis and treatment. My primary activity now is to supervise and teach neuromuscular Fellows and Neurology residents in the EMG/Neuromuscular Clinic and consult on unusual neuromuscular disorders in the Out Patient Clinic.


Selected Publications

Sellman MS and Mayer RF:  Weakness and tiredness:  When to suspect myasthenia gravis.  Geriatrics 40:92-112, 1985.

Sellman MS and Mayer RF:  Treatment of myasthenic crisis in late life.  Southern Medical Journal 78:1208-1210, 1985.

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Toyoshima E, Mayer RF,  Max SR,  and Eccles C:  2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid  (2,4-D) does not cause polyneuropathy in the rat.  J. Neurol. Sci. 70:225-229, 1985.

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Toyoshima E, Tomi H, Mano Y, Ando K, and Mayer RF:  Kinesiometric analysis of motor dysfunction in patients with subacute myelo-optico neuropathy (SMON).  Electromyogr. Clin. Neurophysiol. 27:361-369, 1987.

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