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Mary  M Rodgers
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Mary M Rodgers P.T., Ph.D., F.A.P.T.A., F.A.S.B.

Academic Title: Professor
Primary Appointment: Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science
Administrative Title: Vice Chair
Additional Title(s): George R. Hepburn Dynasplint Professorship in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science
Location: AHB, 131A
Phone: (410) 706-5658
Fax: (410) 706-4903

Personal History:

8/72-5/74: Meredith College Raleigh, North Carolina
1974-76: BS in Physical Therapy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1979-81: MS in Medical Allied Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Major in Biomechanics and Education
1982-85: PhD in Biomechanics, The Pennsylvania State University

Research Interests:

Dr. Rodgers' research interests include rehabilitation biomechanics, wheelchair propulsion biomechanics, mobility technologies and gait analysis. She is co-Director of the Pilot and Exploratory Studies Core of the Unviersity of Maryland Pepper Center. This core provides start-up support for high quality research proposals of high relevance to the Center's overall theme, exploring mechanisms underlying the disability phenotype in older persons and the functional and clinical responses to exercise.



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