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Colleen G Schinkel
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Colleen G Schinkel Ph.D.

Academic Title: Assistant Professor
Primary Appointment: Radiation Oncology
Location: Central Maryland Radiation Oncology Center/University of Maryland Medical Center, Columbia, MD
Phone: (443) 546-1317
Fax: (443) 546-1303

Personal History:

Dr. Colleen Schinkel received her PhD from the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Alberta. Dr. Schinkel came to the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 2009, as an Assistant Professor.

Research Interests:

  • Radiobiological modeling of radiation effects
  • Small field dosimetry
  • Intensity Modulated and Image Guided radiation therapy

Clinical Speciality:

Therapeutic Medical Physics


Selected Recent Journal Articles

K. Markov, C. Schinkel, P. Stavrev, N. Stavreva, M. Weldon, B. G. Fallone, “Reverse mapping of normal tissue complication probabilities onto dose volume histogram space: the problem of randomness of the dose volume histogram sampling,” Med. Phys. 33(9), 3435-3443, 2006.

C. Schinkel, P. Stavrev, N. Stavreva, B. G. Fallone, “A theoretical approach to the problem of dose-volume constraint estimation and their impact on the dose-volume histogram selection,” Med. Phys. 33(9), 3444-3459, 2006.

P. Stavrev, C. Schinkel, N. Stavreva, K. Markov, B. G. Fallone.  “Analytical investigation of properties of the iso-NTCP envelope,” Radiol. Oncol. 41(1), 41-48, 2007.

C. Schinkel, N. Stavreva, P. Stavrev, B. G. Fallone, “Functional form comparison between the population and the individual Poisson based TCP models,” Radiol. Oncol. 41(2), 90-98, 2007.

C. Schinkel, M. Carlone, B. Warkentin, B. G. Fallone, “An analytic investigation into the effect of population heterogeneity on parameter ratio estimates,” Int. J. Radiat. Oncol. Biol. Phys., 69(4), 1323-1330, 2007.

P. Stavrev, C. Schinkel, N. Stavreva, B. G. Fallone, “How well are clinical gross tumor volume DVHs approximated by an analytical function?,” Radiol. Oncol. 43(2), 132-135, 2009.

P. Stavrev, C. Schinkel, N. Stavreva, B. Warkentin, M. Carlone, B. G. Fallone, “Population TCP estimators in case of heterogeneous irradiation:  A new discussion of an old problem,” Acta Oncol 49(8), 1293-1303, 2010.