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Active Grant Support

Listed by last name of Principal Investigator. 

Title:  Reducing Disability Via a Bundled Bio-Behavioral-Environmental Approach (Subcontract)

Principal Investigator:  Jack Gurlanik, PhD
Agency: NIH/NIA
Funding Period: 4/1/12 – 3/31/17
Total Direct Costs: $66,440

Disability is the result of a mismatch between an individual’s physical and cognitive capabilities and the demands of their environment.  The goal of this randomized controlled trial is to test the hypothesis that in frail, community-dwelling older persons a combination of physical exercise supervised by a physical therapist and modification of the home environment, accomplished by a handyman by making repairs and additions in deficient areas, will reduce the progression of disability and improve quality of life.

Title:  The Role of Vascular Aging In Cognitive and Physical Function (Subcontract)

Principal Investigator:  Jack Guralnik, PhD
Agency: NIH/NIA
Funding Period: 7/1/12 – 6/30/17
Total Direct Costs: $66,440

The life course approach in epidemiology has demonstrated that early life factors may play an important role in aging outcomes.  This study will do a follow up on the Bogalusa Heart Study cohort, which is a cohort of black and white persons in rural Louisiana that has been followed since the early 1970’s, when they were young adults.  It will focus on cognitive and physical functional outcomes and relate early life factors, particularly cardiovascular disease risk factors, to outcomes in this cohort which is now entering old age.

Title:  Resilience to Mobility Impairment:  Neural Correlates and Protective Factors (Subcontract)

Principal Investigator: Jack Gurlanik, PhD
Agency: NIH/NIA
Funding Period: 5/1/2012 – 4/30/16
Total Direct Costs: $116,805

Brain changes observed on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are highly correlated with limitations in physical and cognitive functioning.  However, there is a substantial subset of the older population that has brain abnormalities on MRI, particularly white matter lesions that would be expected to be associated with functional decrements in mobility but are not.  This study will target these individuals and attempt to explain what protective factors might be reducing the impact of these changes on mobility impairment.

Title:  Community Ambulation Following Hip Fracture

Principal Investigator: Jay Magaziner, PhD
Agency: NIA
Funding Period: 9/1/10-8/31/2015
Total Direct Costs: $11,843,303

This randomized controlled multi-center study will evaluate the effect of a 4 month, home delivered muti-component intervention on survival and the ability to ambulate independently in the community among older men and women who have sustained a hip fracture.  The project also will investigate precursors to community ambulation and the cost effectiveness of delivering the program to this frail and disabled population of older persons.

Title: Research Training in the Epidemiology of Aging

Principal Investigator:  Jay Magaziner, PhD
Agency: NIA
Funding Period: 05/01/08—04/30/13
Total Direct Costs: $1,405,700

The objective of this program is to train pre- and post-doctoral students to conduct independent and original research in the epidemiology of aging, with an emphasis on the prevention of late-life disability and functional decline.  The program emphasizes four broad substantive areas including: musculoskeletal epidemiology, neuroepidemiology, genetic epidemiology, and the epidemiologic study of long-term care for chronic diseases.

Title: Effects of Multi-Modal Exercise Intervention Post Hip Fracture

Principal Investigator: Jay Magaziner, PhD
Agency: NIH/NIA
Funding Period: 9/1/11 – 6/30/16
Total Direct Costs: $3,497,870

The goal of this study is to evaluate some of the key mechanisms on the pathway to changes in community ambulation in response to a Multi-Modal Intervention delivered to this frail and disabled group of older persons. This is being done as an ancillary study to a Phase III randomized clinical trial (1R01AG035009).

Title: The Epidemiology of Bone Strength and Muscle Composition After Hip Fracture in Men

Principal Investigator: Jay Magaziner, PhD
Agency: NIH
Funding Period: 03/01/07—02/29/14
Total Direct Costs: $2,994,863

This ancillary study is designed to extend the investigation of the hip fracture consequences further by examining trajectories of change in bone strength, bone metabolism, muscle composition, hormones, and markers of inflammation following hip fracture, and by comparing these changes in men and women during the year following a hip fracture.

Title: mHealth Activity Behavior Intervention for Older Adults with Diabetes

Principal Investigator: Charlene Quinn, PhD
Agency: NIDDK/JHU-UMD Diabetes Research Center
Funding Period: 6/1/12-5/31/13
Total Direct Costs: $50,000

The objective of the proposed project is to pilot test the feasibility of a mobile health physical activity improvement intervention for aging persons delivered by mobile phone and the internet. The primary research outcome is change in physical activity as measured by change in functional status (walking distance) and balance over 1 3 month treatment period. We hypothesize that timely information and feedback to participants on the meaning of diabetes clinical measures will result in improved exercise and physical activity regimen.

Title:  mHealth: Developing a Value Proposition

Principal Investigator: Charlene Quinn, PhD
Agency: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Funding Period: 6/1/12-03/31/13
Total Direct Costs: $73,349

The purpose of the proposed project is to facilitate and help RWJF plan a small thought leaders meeting in Princeton, NJ, to help refine the investment thesis and to refine, modify, change and prioritize the Foundation grant-making ideas in mobile health (mHealth). The outcome of the project would be a public report and an internal document of foundation recommendations for funding. The focus of the RWJF future grant investment would be to fund projects to develop evidence for mHealth to support decisions by payers, employers, health providers and individuals

Title: Progenitor Cell Biology Consortium Administrative Coordinating Center

Principal Investigator: Michael Terrin, MD
Agency: NHLBI
Funding Period: 09/30/09-09/29/16
Total Direct Costs: $28,669,691

The Progenitor Cell Biology Consortium Administrative Coordinating Center will make available to the public accessible video reports on the research accomplishments of the Consortium, to the general scientific community reports and data from the Consortium that will advance their research on stem and progenitor cell related health problems and to the members of the Consortium data and meta-data from each other’s work to advance their collaborative research. In addition to providing all involved with newly developed, valuable information, the exchange of this information is expected to result in new therapeutic approaches that could shift paradigms and enormously improve outcomes of some of the most frequently fatal diseases in the U.S.; coronary artery disease and emphysema are just two examples.

Title: Non-Invasive Treatment of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Clinical Trial (N-TA3CT)

Principal Investigator:  Michael Terrin, MD
Agency: NIA
Funding Period: 08/15/11-07/31/16
Total Direct Costs:  $11,716,411

The primary aim of this multi-site clinical trial is to determine if doxycycline (100mg bid) will inhibit by at least 40% the increase in greatest transverse diameter of small abdominal aortic aneurysms over a 24-month period of observation in comparison to a placebo-treated control group.