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Dr. Shuldiner with Amish boy

Recent TV News Story About Amish Studies:


The Old Order Amish (OOA) population of Lancaster County, PA immigrated to the United States from Western Europe in the late 1700’s. There are now approximately 30,000 OOA individuals in the Lancaster area, nearly all of whom can trace their ancestry back 12-14 generations to a small number of founder families. Our group has been studying the genetics of metabolic and cardiovascular health in the OOA since 1995. During this time the Amish studies have been supported by numerous research grants, and results from these studies have been described in numerous scientific publications.

The Amish Research Group includes investigators with a diverse range of interests in population and basic science and in clinical and translational research.

Areas of Interest Include:

  • Epidemiology and genetic epidemiology
  • Gene mapping, including linkage and association analysis
  • Novel statistical methods for pedigree analysis
  • DNA sequencing
  • Gene function
  • DNA methylation and imprinting
  • Animal models
  • Intervention studies