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MS Degree Requirements

The master’s degree program requires a minimum of 24 credits and 6 master's thesis research credits (30 credits total) for the biomedical research track, and a minimum of 36 credits for the laboratory management track.

Courses are selected with the approval of the program director and graduate faculty committee, from the following categories:

Core Courses and Credit Hours
MEDT 687  Quality Control and Regulations in Laboratory Sciences 2
MEDT 628  Seminar (three semesters) 3
MEDT 630  Scientific and Technical Writing 3
MEDT 635  Teaching Practicum 2
CIPP 909 Responsible Conduct of Research 2
One of the following courses: 
DBMS 638 Biostatistics 2
PREV 620 Principles of Biostatistics 2
*POSI 604 Statistical Analysis 2