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MS Biomedical Research

Credit Hour Requirements

A minimum of 30 credit hours is required. This requirement includes 24 credits of course work and 6 hours of thesis research with a completion of a research thesis.

CHEM 437 Comprehensive Biochemistry I [UMBC] 4 credits (other biochemistry courses may be taken with permission of DMRT Grad Committee)
MEDT 628 Seminar 3 credits
(1 credit, must enroll three times)
All DMRT graduate students are required to attend seminar during their tenure as a graduate students. 
MEDT 630 Scient & Techn Writing 3 credits 
MEDT 635 Teaching Practicum 2 credits
(enrollment with the permission of the course director w/ whom the teaching practicum will be taken) 
DBMS 638 Biostatistics 1-3 credits
(or PREV 620 Principles of Biostatistics or PUBL 604 Statistical Analysis) 
MEDT 680  Lab Management 3 credits
(Biomed Res Track students may select an alternate management course with permission of DMRT Grad Committee) 
MEDT 687 QC & Regulations Lab Sci 2 credits 
MEDT 631  Research Design 2 credits 
CIPP 909 Responsible Conduct of Rsrch 1-2 credits 
MEDT 799 M.S. Thesis Research 6 credits
Students may begin their research project after taking biochemistry and finishing approximately 12 hours of course work. 
ELECTIVE COURSES: The remainder of the course requirements are elective biomedical courses in student's field of interest, which must be approved by student's advisor. 
MEDT 671  Molecular and Cell Biology 3 credits 
MEDT 638  Special Topics 1-4 credits 
MEDT 634 Teaching Practicum Major 4 credits 
GPLS 702 Basic Immunology 3 credits 
CHEM 638 Comprehensive Biochemistry II 4 credits [UMBC]
BIOL 614 Genetics and Eukaryotic Molecular Biology 4 credits [UMBC]
GPLS 710 Principles of Bacterial Pathogenesis 3 credits 
GPLS 704 Basic Virology 3 credits