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DMRT Overview

We are Maryland's largest medical laboratory science (medical technology) program, offering both undergraduate, graduate degrees, and opportunities for professional certification.

Our Mission

To provide a program of instruction at the baccalaureate level which develops competence in ethical, principled laboratory scientists who possess the knowledge as well as the technical, interpersonal and attitudinal skills and attributes which create quality service.

Did you know?

medical technologist
Medical Laboratory Scientists are in great demand! Find out where our students are working.

In 2013, Maryland DMRT graduates seeking employment received job offers before graduating with an average salary of $48,580.


DMRT Worker
A Masters Degree in Medical and Research Technology can be a springboard to a career as a physician or biomedical researcher.

DMRT developed Maryland’s first Bachelor's in Biotechnology Research.

Learn more about a career in the medical laboratory sciences!

In keeping with the philosophy and purposes of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, the Department of Medical and Research Technology (DMRT) is committed to the developing career focused Goals, Core Values and Career Entry Competencies.

Undergraduate Program

The bachelor's degree allows students to specialize in one of two career tracks:

Both tracks are upper level allied health curricula offered in two years of full-time or three years of part-time study. In addition to lecture and laboratory instruction, students in both tracks complete externship training.

Graduate Program 

DMRT also offers a Master of Science Degree in two tracks:

The graduate program provides flexibility in scheduling coursework and in arranging programs of study to fit individual interests and backgrounds.

Professional Certification

DMRT offers an accelerated one-year categorical certificate program for individuals who already possess a baccalaureate  degree in a basic science area, such as chemistry or biology.

After completion of coursework and training, students are eligible to take national certification examinations in their specialty area.

Disclaimer: The information contained in the website is for general information purposes only. The information is provided by the Department of Medical and Research Technology (DMRT) University of Maryland and while we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, it is subject to change.