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Services / Specimen Requriement


  1. Routine process and H&E stain

  2. Derm Lab
  3. Routine process and unstained slid

  4. Tissue processing and embedding

  5. H&E stain only

  6. Cytology PAP stain

  7. Frozen section

  8. Microscopic diagnosis

  9. Special stains, including PAS, Gram, mucin, AFB, Fite, Giemsa, melanin, elastin, trichrome, etc

  10. Immunohistochemistry stains, including Cytokeratin, S-100, HMB-45, Smooth Muscle Actin, Vemintin, B- and T-lymphocytic markers, and any other cell markers with antibodies provided

  11. Immunofluorescent studies, including direct and indirect immunofluorescent stains, immunoblotting, etc.

  12. Photograph (Digital image of microscopic picture)

Specimen Requirement

  1. Tissue processing and embedding: tissue fixed in 10% formalin > 10 volume of the specimen

  2. Routine H&E stain: formalin fixed tissue or unstained slides

  3. Cytology PAP stain: unstained slides

  4. Frozen section: specimens in Michelle’s Medium

  5. Microscopic diagnosis: Fresh or formalin fixed tissue, paraffin block, stained or unstained slides.

  6. Special stains: paraffin block or unstained slides

  7. Immunohistochemistry stains, paraffin block or unstained slides.

  8. Immunofluorescent studies:

    1. direct: tissue in Michelle’s Medium
    2. indirect: serum