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Dr. Stephen N. Davis, MBBS, FCRP, FACP, FACE

Dr. Davis is the Principal Investigator of the laboratory. Dr. Davis got his Medical Training from London University and the Royal College of Physicians in England. Dr. Davis's primary focuses are on insulin action and hypoglycemic counterregulation. His current studies are carried out in humans. His research is focused on various areas:

  1. Neuroendocrine and metabolic responses to insulin induced by hypoglycemia or prolonged exercise.
  2. Dysfunctional hypoglycemic counterregulation in healthy volunteers and diabetic patients.
  3. Gender related differences in metabolism and glucoregulatory hormones.
  4. Insulin and cortisol actions on the brain and autonomic nervous system.
  5. Metabolic effects of thrombosis in Type 2 diabetes.

A leading diabetes researcher and clinician, Dr. Davis is also the Theodore E. Woodward Professor of Medicine and Chairman, Department of Medicine in the University of Maryland School of Medicine and Physician-in-Chief at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Nino Joy, M.D.

Dr. Joy is an Instructor in Medicine. Her background is in cardiology. She performs clinical research with the Davis Laboratory and specializes in the cardiovascular complications of diabetes.  

Maka Hedrington, M.D.

Dr. Hedrington is an Instructor in Medicine. Her background is in cardiology. She performs human clinical research studies and specializes in hypoglycemia associated autonomic dysfunction in Type 1 diabetes. Donna Tate, M.S., CCRP

Donna Tate, M.S., CCRP

Donna Tate, Program Director, is manager of the Davis research laboratory. She has a background in Biology, Exercise Physiology and specializes in diabetes research techniques and regulatory affairs. 

Maia Mikeladze, MD

Maia Mikeladze is a research fellow in the Davis lab. Dr. Mikeladze is a cardiovascular doctor and specializes in hypoglycemic complications of diabetes in Type 1 Diabetics.  

Lisa Younk, BS

Lisa Younk, Research Assistant in the Davis Lab, has a BS in exercise physiology. Her job functions include assisting with research screenings and studies, assaying patient samples, and maintaining research equipment. She has also co-authored several review articles for the lab.  

Cheryl Young, MSN, CRNP, CNS

Cheryl is a nurse practitioner in the lab. She has a background in endocrinology clinical practice. She has specialized in intensive insulin therapy and diabetes self-management behaviors. She has participated as study coordinator in NIH and industry human clinical studies involving human growth hormone, depression, stroke, and diabetes. 

Lindsay Pulliam, BS

Lindsay is a Research Assistant in the Davis lab. Lindsay has a background in biology. She performs assays and participates in the clinical research experiments.  

Ian Davis, BS

Ian is a Laboratory Technician. Ian helps maintain the lab, equipment and assist in the clinical research experiments.