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General Clinical Research Center

The University of Maryland’s General Clinical Research Center (GCRC), in the Medical Center South Hospital on the 10th floor, is the location for the Davis Lab's human research studies.


Patient/Volunteer Screening

A health history and physical examination is performed on each person who volunteers to participate in a human research project. 
GCRC Patient Exam


Screening Lab Analysis

Performed on all potential volunteers in the GCRC to measure qualifying criteria to determine if the candidate can be enrolled in the research studies.
GCRC Blood Work

Body Composition

Lean mass and fat mass is estimated using a DEXA scan during the screening process in most protocols.
DEXA scanner

Maximal Oxygen Consumption

Maximal exercise oxygen consumption is measured during screening using a stationary cycling ergometer and a metabolic cart for some exercise related protocols.
Maximal Exercise Test


An electrocardiogram (EKG, or ECG) is taken to screen for pre-existing cardiac abnormalities during some protocols. If over the age of 40 years, a cardiac stress test in the hospital lab may be performed for some of the protocols.

In-Patient Study Procedures

All study procedures once enrolled in the research protocol take place in the GCRC. Hospital-like rooms are assigned to our participants, with private bathrooms and showers. Study procedures take place during one to two days, with one to two overnight stays in the GCRC.
In-Patient Room

Blood Analysis

Blood draws during the procedures are processed in the GCRC and sent to perform various tests in on and off campus sites for analysis.
Blood Analysis