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CTSI: MyCodeUMD and iPatient

With significant institutional support and funding, the Program in Personalized and Genomic Medicine at UMD has initiated a large biobank program. MyCodeUMD will emulate the GHS MyCode program and will be greatly facilitated by the experience of the Geisinger group, especially in medical informatics since UMMS has implemented the same EHR (EPIC).  In addition to increasing sample size, the Baltimore effort will complement Geisinger’s predominantly Caucasian and rural collection with an ethnically diverse urban/suburban population.  Our ultimate goal will be to obtain >100,000 DNA and plasma/serum samples from appropriately consented UMMS patients. Like the Geisinger MyCode program, we will establish the medical informatics infrastructure to link samples with the EHR and to create a user-friendly queryable research database assessable through the HARBOR to UM CTSI investigators for a broad range of applications in clinical and translational research. Samples will be collected and stored under CLIA-approved protocols so that genomic (or other results) may be used for recruitment of research participants into genome-informed clinical trials. A subset of MyCodeUMD research participants (approximately 1,000 initially) will be further consented to become UMD iPatients. UMD iPatients will provide consent for the return of actionable genomic information into their electronic medical record and will also be provided the option of learning about some or all actionable genomic results through a secure web-based portal with professional consultation by a genetic counselor. The UMD iPatient program will provide a unique opportunity to study various aspects of implementation of personalized and genomic medicine into clinical practice, provider and patient perceptions, and cost effectiveness. It will also include aspects of patient and community education in genomics and its application to health and disease.