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CTSI: Geisinger MyCode

In 2006 Geisinger launched a large-scale biobanking program, the MyCodeTM project, to create a repository of patient samples (blood, DNA, serum and tissue) that are linkable to the rich clinical data in its EMR for genomic medicine research. Through an informed consent process, patients are enrolled through primary care and specialty clinics at GHS. The former provides an unselected cohort of GHS patients, which can be used as population controls or cross-sectional population studies.  Specialty clinics with the largest enrollment are the bariatric surgery clinic (>4,000 consented patients), coronary catheter¬i¬zation lab (>5,000 consented patients) and vascular surgery (>1,900 consented patients). As of December, 2012 more than 40,000 total Geisinger patients have consented to participate in these bio¬banking programs, and enrollment is ongoing.  In early 2012 the MyCode protocol was amended to include enrollment of pediatric patients with parental consent and a pediatric MyCode pilot project was launched.  Approximately 700 pediatric patients (age range 0-17 years) were enrolled as of December, 2012.   It is possible, with parental consent, to link MyCode children and parents in the Geisinger EHR for research use.  Ninety-five percent of consenting patients agree to be re-contacted for participation in future research. Research blood samples from consented patients are pro¬cessed, stored and tracked with a unique study ID using standardized processes and quality control measures.