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CTSI: Compass Volunteer Registry


The Community Partners Advancing Science System (COMPASS) Volunteer Registry is a way for people in the community, like you, to participate in medical research. You can sign up online to tell us that you are interested in being part of a medical research study.

Researchers at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, do studies dealing with many different diseases, including cancer, HIV, heart disease, and many others. We need all types of people—healthy and sick—to be in these studies. With your help, we can find out more about diseases and ways to prevent and treat them, so that our community can be healthier.

The COMPASS Volunteer Registry is a list of people in the community who have signed up to show their interest in medical research. By signing up for the COMPASS Volunteer Registry, you are telling us that you may be interested in being a part of a medical research study in the future.

When you sign up, you will give us your name, basic information about you, and your contact information, so that our researchers can contact you in the future. If you’d like, you may also tell us more about your health: what diseases you or your family members have had, what medications you take, and what kinds of risk factors you may have. That way, we can give your information only to the researchers who would most like to have a participant like you in their study.

Putting your name on COMPASS Volunteer Registry does not mean that you have to be in any medical research study. It simply means that you may be contacted by studies in the future. If you do not wish to be in any study, you can tell those researchers “No,” and you will still get the same medical care and coverage that you had before.