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CTSI: University of Maryland BioPark

The UM BioPark is a rapidly expanding innovation cluster in the heart of the UMB campus. Launched five years ago, the BioPark now includes three new research buildings totaling 470,000 sf and housing over 500 workers. The BioPark includes a BioInnovation Center for start-up companies based on technologies developed at UMB and JHU. Companies in the BioPark are developing new therapies for diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, tuberculosis, head and neck cancer, and pancreatic cancer, a diagnostic for malaria, and a needle-less injection device. The BioPark is also home to leading contract research organizations, as well as manufacturing biologic therapeutics. In 2010, one of these companies, Paragon Bioservices is helping to manufacture a shigella vaccine which was developed by UMB’s Center for Vaccine Development. The clinical trials for the vaccine will be conducted by another company in the BioPark, SNBL. UMB is actively engaged in putting these consortiums together and managing them to ensure that the science moves forward. The BioPark is also home to the Baltimore campus of the University of Maryland College Park Smith School of Business, which has more than 200 students pursuing MBAs. Increasingly, students are pursuing joint degrees with each of UMB’s professional schools. In addition, the Smith School of Business’ Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship is assisting BioPark companies develop business plans and secure seed capital.