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Services We Provide

X-Ray Diffraction

Rigaku MicroMax-007 Generator and R-AXIS IV++ IP Detector

Rigaku MicroMax-007 generator and R-AXIS IV++ IP detector

Oxford Instruments Cryojet

 Oxford Instruments Cryojet


  • Use of the facility for authorized personnel: $50/hour ($450 Max per day)
  • Training by our staff: $50/hour (minimum one hour)
  • Diffraction Testing:  $50/hour
  • X-ray Data Collection: $50/hour ($450 Max per day)


Fees and other information.

OryxNano Protein Crystallization Robot for Sitting Drop Screening

 OryxNano Protein Crystallization Robot

Two Incubators (4ºC - 25ºC) for Crystallization

Two incubators (4ºC - 25ºC) for crystallization

Microscopes for crystal viewing, image recording and harvesting


Data Processing

Data analysis fee: $50 per hour

Computers for Data Processing


Protein Purification and Other Services

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