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Help With Using Our Facility

Before proceeding, please be sure to view our brief users manual.

X-Ray Room Map

x-ray room map

VERY important !!!

Before operating the X-ray diffractometer:

  1. Helium: Gas flow MUST be >23 ml/min. Ask manager if you have any problem with Helium.  
  2. LIQUID NITROGEN - 10 on Liquid nitrogen Indicator means there is no LN in tank! Filling LN tank to 96 will be good for three days (1.3/hour).  
  3. EMERGENCY SWITCH - There are two EMERGENCY SWITCHES in the X-ray room. A yellow button on the front panel of the x-ray machine, and a power switch box on wall. Both will shut off the x-ray machine for safty reasons. Repeated turn-on and shut-off of the X-ray machine will shorten its lifetime. 
  4. RED light - If the 'red' light inside the room is on, that indicates that the X-ray source is running.  
  5. POWER setting - Full power is 20 mA and 40 kV. ALWAYS increase the voltage first and then increase the current.