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Confocal Images

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Costameres on skeletal muscle.
From Doug Landsman 
DiI/DiO labeled fetal mouse brain showing thalamic afferent axons (green) which have just arrived at the developing neocortex (red).
From Tarik F. Haydar, PhD  
Projection image of a living Aplysia neuron filled with fluorescein dextran, color encoded for distance along the z-axis (red: close, blue: far).
From X-y Jiang , PhD and T. Abrams, PhD  
Cross-sectioned rat myofibers showing the distribution of ankyrin (green) and the sarcolemma-associated 58k protein (red).
From Dai-Xing Zhou, PhD  
Projection from a 3D series through a Golgi-impregnated Purkinje cell, after a bit of image processing.
From Tarik F. Haydar, PhD and Paul W. Luther, PhD  
Triple-labeled acetylcholine receptor (AChR) cluster on a cultured rat myotube showing AChRs (red), vinculin (green) and clathrin (blue).
From Paul W. Luther, PhD 
Double-labeled neuron showing fodrin (green) and CAM kinase (red).
From Laura Martin, PhD 
Xenopus muscle cell labeled with anti-dihydropyridine receptor (red) superimposed on DIC image (blue).
From Paul W. Luther, PhD