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Confocal Microscopy Homepage

Contact Information

Thomas Blanpied
Thomas Blanpied, PhD
Program Director
410-706-2110 or 8335
20 Penn St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Services We Offer

  • Training
  • LSM410
  • LSM510 META
  • Workstation
  • Printer

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The Confocal core’s mission is to provide researchers with a wide array of state-of-the-art confocal imaging equipment to enable acquisition of high resolution images (both in vivo and in vitro). The Confocal Core offers training and assistance in the use of multiple confocal microscopes housed in our facility. Optimization of data acquisition and image processing are both part of the training thus enabling researchers toefficiently design studies, acquire image data and extract relevant data features.
The confocal facility is available to UM researchers and extramural users as well. 


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  • LSM5  


    The facility provides individual instruction on an array of confocal microscopes. The needs of the researcher are considered in choosing
    which microscope will best suit the experimental design. Facility users
    can be trained to utilize the machine best matching their respective imaging requirements. In general, imaging of fixed samples, cultured cells, organ slices and small animals can be accommodated. Imaging techniques including FRET, FRAP, photoactivation and uncaging are readily implemented.
    The microscopes have excitation sources that cover most fluorophores with excitation ranging from 355- 633nm. Multiphoton excitation of fluorophores is also available on select instruments. An image analysis workstation equipped with software packages is available to users.
    The core also has a culture room with an incubator, culture hood and a widefield fluorescence microscope for use in preparation of cultured and live samples. Preparation of live animals for imaging experiments can also be done in this space.