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Conferences & Seminars

Division Clinical Case Conference

Cases are chosen on a rotating basis from each of the Division's training sites for presentation to illustrate specific diagnostic entities. Case presentations, often with live patient interviews, alternate with presentations on particular topics presented by invited speakers, faculty and staff. Residents attend in both years.

Division Grand Rounds

This conference, which is attended by all faculty, staff and trainees, includes a variety of topics of interest not covered in the other seminars. Faculty research, neuropsychiatry, and outside speakers are featured.

Therapeutic Modalities

This conference reviews diagnostic criteria and current thinking about treatment of child and adolescent psychiatric disorders. It includes sections on cognitive behavior therapy, hypnosis, crisis intervention, group therapy, play therapy and pediatric neurology. First year residents attend.

Infant Psychiatry Seminar

The objective of this seminar is to provide the trainee with an integrated understanding of the application of psychodynamic principles to diagnosis, treatment planning and intervention with infants and their families.

The seminar gives an overview of infant development and psychopathology as well as therapeutic approaches to the child and his family, and forms of early intervention. Teaching is through extensive readings and demonstrations of techniques of infant assessment. Second year residents attend.

Advanced Child Psychopathology Seminar

This seminar consists of a review of the literature and comprehensive discussion of each of the major diagnostic categories of child and adolescent psychiatric disorders. The aim is to familiarize the trainee with the current thinking, recent research findings, and areas of controversy surrounding these syndromes, and stimulate the spirit of objectivity, inquisitiveness, and openness to new ideas so essential to a practitioner in a still young field. Second year residents attend.

Child Psychiatry - Pediatric Liaison Service Seminar

This conference covers concepts of pediatric consultation-liaison, and relevant topics such as psychosomatic illness, death and dying, and chronic illness. Second year residents attend.

Child Psychiatry - Pediatric Liaison Rounds

These rounds are held on the pediatric wards and are attended by pediatric housestaff, nursing staff, medical students and social workers. The focus is on a case seen by one of the trainees in child and adolescent psychiatry or behavioral pediatrics. The clinical information is correlated with theoretical principles and a summation of the literature concerning the particular problem (i.e., enuresis, suicide, depression). Treatment modalities practical and useful for the primary care physician are discussed along with appropriate referral sources if the problem is beyond the expertise or interest of the primary care physician. Second year residents attend.

Mental Health Consultation Seminar

This seminar provides the resident with a conceptual model of mental health consultation. This is accomplished through didactic presentations, coupled with the discussion of the residents' own experiences in consultative settings to which they are assigned. The objectives of this seminar are (1) the understanding and implementation of theories of mental health consultation; (2) skill in dealing with common pitfalls and resistances met in the implementation of mental health consultation and (3) the ability to function within a multidisciplinary team structure. Topics include negotiation of contracts, legal and ethical issues, forensic consultation, school mental health and mental health administration. Second year residents attend.

Growth And Development Seminar

The goal of this seminar is to present a comprehensive approach from biological and neurodevelopment to cognitive, emotional and social development of children and adolescents. Readings and discussion focus on contemporary theories and knowledge and classic psychoanalytic literature. First year residents attend.

Psychotherapy Conference

The goal of this seminar is to teach the theory and technique of individual psychodynamic oriented therapy with children. This seminar consists of discussion of assigned readings and of cases being treated with intensive individual psychotherapy by the residents. First year residents attend.

Family Therapy Seminar

This seminar focuses on Structural/Strategic Family Therapy concepts. Weekly group supervision of live or videotaped sessions of residents cases provide ongoing clinical material for group discussion and elaboration of concepts plus review of relevant articles. First year residents attend.

Introduction To Psychopathology And Psychopharmacology Seminar

The goal of this seminar is to provide the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry resident with a comprehensive understanding of psychopharmacological interventions used with all psychopathological disorders of children and adolescents. First year residents attend.

Research Methodology Seminar

The goal of this seminar is to acquaint residents with basic concepts of research design, to enable them to review the literature critically, and to begin to plan and design their own projects. Concepts of statistical significance are explained. First year residents attend.

Interview Seminar

This seminar is designed to provide the trainee with the theory and techniques applicable to interviewing the preschool, school age and adolescent patient. This is accomplished by utilizing live or videotaped interviews by the faculty paired with discussion of developmental/appropriate interview techniques. First year residents attend.