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Clinical Services

Our division offers a child day hospital, an outpatient clinic and a variety of child and adolescent programs (see below). We also staff a 12-bed inpatient behavioral health unit for children (ages 12 and under) at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Center for Infant Study

The Center for Infant Study (CIS) provides multidisciplinary care in an outpatient setting for children ages 0-6 with emotional and behavioral concerns. The CIS encourages active participation of parents and caregivers and works collaboratively with involved agencies. The CIS offers a range of services: diagnostic assessment, psychological testing, urgent care services, consultation, and brief and long-term psychotherapy. Treatment includes individual, family, and group therapy, as well as play therapy and parent counseling. The Center is also involved in several Head Start programs as well as the Baltimore City ‘Judy Centers’ – a preschool model program integrating all necessary services for this young population. Current research activities involve assessment of the relationship between social competence and behavior problems, parenting factors and parenting stress, and a study of routines and other related behaviors in preschool children.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Outpatient Service

The Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic serves children and adolescents (age 5-17) with emotional, behavior, developmental or learning problems. The Clinic offers a range of services, including evaluation, psychological assessment, consultation and brief or long-term therapy. Treatment includes individual, family and group therapy and parent counseling. Specialized group therapy is offered for elementary-school-aged children, adolescents and parents. Specialty clinics include Trauma and Complex Disorders. There are approximately 5,000 patient visits per year in the Child Psychiatry Clinic. Therapeutic programs are designed based on evidence-based practices for the subspecialty modality. Family involvement is emphasized for both diagnostic and therapeutic services. In addition, collaborative working relationships are developed with schools, physicians and other professionals in the community.

Outpatient services at 701 W. Pratt include those delivered by the Maryland Center for Attention and Developmental Disorders (MCADD). MCADD is a multi-disciplinary center for the assessment, treatment and study of children, adolescents and adults with neurobehavioral disorders, including attention, learning and developmental disorders and their associated problems. The MCADD is staffed by psychologists, social workers and psychiatrists. The evaluations are multifaceted and may include diagnostic interviewing, family assessment, school consultation, psychiatric evaluation, and psychological and neuropsychological assessment, and/or academic assessment. Once the assessment is complete, the Center offers ongoing psycho-educational counseling, individual and family therapy, medication management, parent training, parent support groups and social skills groups.

Child Day Hospital Program

The Partial Hospitalization Program is a child day-treatment program offered for children between the ages of 5 and 12 at the downtown UMMS site. There is a separate program for ages 6-16 at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital. It is designed for children who do not require the 24-hour supervision of an inpatient setting, but who continue to need a structured and intensive treatment program. Patients attend the day hospital Monday through Friday and return home each afternoon. School and family services are a critical component of the program. Child psychology and psychiatry, nursing, social work and occupational therapy participate on the treatment team, which provides multidisciplinary evaluations including psychological and educational testing; individual, group and family therapy; psychopharmacology; behavior management; discharge planning and consultation as needed for a wide range of services associated with an academic medical setting.

Child Psychiatry Inpatient Service

The Child Psychiatry Inpatient Service, located in the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMS), consists of a 12-bed unit, school and offices for professional and administrative staff. The unit is staffed by child psychiatrists, social workers, teachers, psychiatric nurses and child care workers. It provides intensive evaluation and short term therapy for children aged 6 - 12, with an average length of stay of 13 days. The program is designed to provide services for children whose emotional, mental, neurological or behavioral problems have not responded to the customary outpatient or Day Hospital services, and/or who are in need of crisis intervention. The program also provides diagnostic services for children whose problems preclude the use of outpatient diagnostic techniques. Admissions average 150 per year. The inpatient service provides individual intensive psychotherapy, milieu therapy, various forms of family therapy, behavioral therapy, psychopharmacological treatment and remedial programs for children with cognitive deficiencies and disturbances.

School Mental Health Program

The School Mental Health Program (SMHP) provides comprehensive mental health evaluation and treatment services to preschool, elementary, middle and high school students in 22 Baltimore City Public Schools. A full continuum of services are provided, including individual, group, and family therapies, focused diagnostic assessment, crisis intervention, prevention activities, teacher consultation and referral for more intensive psychiatric and psychological services. Some SMHP clinicians are based within school health centers, which offer a number of health services and provide unique opportunities for collaboration with other professionals. Mental health interventions are focused on variables that have been shown to be important for inner city youth. Preventive services and group therapies are emphasized.

The SMHP is a national leader in providing school-based mental health services. The program operates in conjunction with the Center for School Mental Health Assistance, a national training and technical assistance center that aims to assist in the improvement and expansion of expanded school mental health programs. There are numerous research projects related to school mental health; current projects address applying the evidence base for school mental health services, quality assessment and improvement, implementation and impact of Skillstreaming, resiliency, violence prevention, tobacco use reduction, substance abuse and implementation and impact of school-wide prevention activities.

Walter P. Carter Community Mental Health Center (WPCC)

The Walter P. Carter Center Community Mental Health Clinics, located within the University of Maryland School of Medicine’s Baltimore campus, are functionally incorporated into the medical school complex. The Center has two child and adolescent outpatient clinics, each serving a different geographic area and sociocultural background. Services include diagnostic evaluations, individual, group and family therapies, psychopharmacology and in-home and school interventions. A specialized program for youth diagnosed with serious externalizing disorders is situated at WPCC.