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Acknowledgements & Collaborations

Users will be assisted by CFS staff to the extent needed. Local and repeat users will be encouraged to perform their own experiments and analyses, to the extent consistent with good throughput and acquisition of useful data.

CFS personnel can assist in the experimental design and/or interpretation of data. CFS staff are available to assist users with experimental design, data acquisition and analysis. Computers are available for on-site data analysis. An Internet access enables off-site analyses. Programs are available which interchange between CFS, ISS and SLM data formats. Current software provides for analysis of multi-exponential intensity and anisotropy decays, lifetime distributions, distance distributions, transient effects in collisional quenching, phase-modulation spectra and time-resolved emission spectra. Most programs provide for global analysis of multiple data sets obtained under similar experimental conditions.

CFS offers Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM), Single Molecule Detection (SMD), Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS), FRET, sensing measurements and analyses.

CFS users are requested to acknowledge the CFS in resulting publications. The recommended acknowledgement is: "This work was performed (in part) at the Center for Fluorescence Spectroscopy, University of Maryland at Baltimore, School of Medicine." Please forward five copies of such articles to the CFS.


Access to the CFS can be obtained by submission of a brief proposal which describes the project, its objectives, and the types of measurements required. Potential users are encouraged to consult with CFS prior to preparation of their proposals and for assistance with experimental design.

The proposals will be reviewed and the individual contacted by CFS personnel within two weeks. Scheduling of experiments will be based on need, special requirements for the experiment, and other relevant factors. For efficient use of instrument time the CFS staff will request to see the steady-state emission and absorption spectra of all samples, with appropriate blank controls, prior to scheduling and initiation of the time-resolved measurements.

CFS users will make their own plans for travel and accommodations. Assistance is available from the CFS Administrative Assistant, . See our Contact page for address.