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Publications - 2014

Radiative Decay Engineering. 7: Tamm State-Coupled Emission using a Hybrid Plasmonic-Photonic Structure, Ramachandram Badugu, Descrovi, E., and Joseph R. Lakowicz, Analytical Biochemistry  (2014) 445, 1-13.

Antigenic Properties of the HIV Envelope on Virions in Solution, Krishanu Ray, Mengistu, M., George K. Lewis, Joseph R. Lakowicz,  and Anthony L. DeVico,  Journal Virology (2014) 88(3), 1795-1808.

Polymer-Loaded Propagating Modes on a One-Dimensional Photonic Crystal,  Han, L., Zhang, D., Chen, Y., Wang, R., Zhu, L., Wang, P., Ming, H., Ramachandram Badugu, and Joseph R. Lakowicz, Applied Physics Letters  (2014) 104, 06115-1/5.

Back Focal Plane Imaging of Directional Emission from Dye Molecules Coupled to One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals,  Zhang, D., Ramachandram Badugu, Chen, Y., Yu, S., Yao, P., Wang, P., Ming, H., and Joseph R. Lakowicz, Nanotechnology (2014) 25, 1-10.

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging of Physiological Free Cu(∥) Levels in Live Cells with a Cu(∥) Selective Carbonic Anhydrase Based Biosenso, McCranor, B. J.,Henryk  Szmacinski, Zeng, H. H., Stoddard, A. K., Hurst, T., Fierke, C. A., Joseph R. Lakowicz, and Richard B. Thompson, Metallomics (2014) 6:1034-1042. DOI:10.1039/c3mt00305a