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Publications - 2013

Luminescent Properties of Eu(III) Chelates on Metal Nanorods, Jian Zhang, Yi Fu, Krishanu Ray, Wang, Y., and Joseph R. Lakowicz. Journal Physical Chemistry (2013) 117, 9372-9379.

Largely Enhanced Single-Molecule Fluorescence in Plasmonic Nanogaps Formed by Hybrid Silver Nanostructures, Yi Fu, Jian Zhang,  and Joseph R. Lakowicz, Langmuir (2013)  29, 2731-2738.

Imaging of Protein Secretion from a Single Cell Using Plasmonic Substrates, Henryk Szmacinski, Toshchakov, V. Piao, W., and Joseph R. Lakowicz.. BioNanoScience (2013) 3, 30-36. NIHMSID 437573

Enhanced Single Molecule Fluorescence and Reduced Observation Volumes on Nanoporous Gold (NPG) films, Yi Fu, Jian Zhang, Kazik Nowaczyk, and Joseph R. Lakowicz,  Chemical Communications (2013) 49, 10874-10876 doi:10.1039/c3cc45414b

Steering Fluorescence Emission with Metal-Dielectric-Metal Substrates of Au, Ag and Al, Sharmistha Dutta Choudhury, Ramachandram Badugu, Krishanu Ray, and Joseph R. Lakowicz, Journal Physical Chemistry C (2013) 117, 15798-15807.

Plasmonic Nanorod Arrays for Enhancement of Single-Molecule Detection, Huang, Q., Huang, Z., Meng, G., Yi Fu, and Joseph R. Lakowicz Chemical Communications  (2013) 49, 11743-11745.

Radiative Decay Engineering 6: Fluorescence on One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals, Ramachandram Badugu, Kazik Nowaczyk,  Descrovi, E., and Joseph R. Lakowicz.  Analytical Biochemistry  (2013) 442, 83-96.