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Short Course on Principles & Applications of Time-Resolved Fluorescence

Countries of CFS Course Attendees

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The staff of the CFS offers an annual week-long course since 1992. The CFS course continues to be popular among the research community. The course is comprised of an extensive series of lectures presented over a five day period.

Lectures are presented from morning to mid-afternoon, after which there are hands-on-experiments for the attendees to perform. These experiments range from simple steady-state measurements to more complex time-domain and frequency-domain measurements. Each year a number of companies attend and bring in instruments for the hands-on experiments.
The attendees of the course typically represent a mix of academic and industrial scientists. We estimate the attendees are about 40% academic, 30% industrial, 15% facility and 15% graduate students. The context of the course changes each year to reflect changes in fluorescence technology. There are now lectures on single molecule detection, FCS, multi-photon and confocal microscopy. Lectures on basic phenomena and time-resolved fluorescence are presented by Dr. Lakowicz. The advanced topics are presented by outside lectures selected for their expertise and teaching abilities.

From 1992 up to 2003 the CFS course was taught exclusively in the USA. We received numerous requests to teach the course in Europe. From 2003 PicoQuant GmbH offered to host the course in Berlin. The CFS course was offered at Baltimore on March 2012.