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Microsecond Dynamics of Macromolecules

It is generally believed that the biological macromolecules have motions ranging from ps to days and weeks and that these motions are essential for their function. The pico-nanosecond time window has been accessible using fluorescence, NMR and ESR while stop-flow techniques have opened ms and slower dynamics. However, till recently there were no experimental tools to study the microsecond time scale. The recent advances in stop-flow instrumentation, NMR, temperature jump and faster correlation spectroscopy measurements have made the microsecond window accessible experimentally.

We are using μs MLC and μs lanthanide probes as donors in FRET experiments to characterize conformational dynamics in microsecond time window. The method provides both the KINETICS and CONFORMATIONAL DISTRIBUTIONS as well as intra and inter molecular diffusion in ms to ms time. It is an EQUILIBRIUM method which can be applied to very diverse problems.


  • Folding/Unfolding of protein secondary structure elements alpha-helix and beta-hairpin
  • Inter-domain motions in histidine and glutamine binding proteins
  • Lipid composition and phase state dependence of lateral diffusion in membranes
  • Lateral diffusion in biological membranes and domains such as RAFTs
  • Domain motions/ arm flexing in nucleic acid structures such as t-RNA, ribozyme, junctions and hairpins.


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