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Tissue Requests

Tissues are made available to academic researchers and commercial enterprises for basic research. All requests for tissue must be submitted online. (Please use Microsoft Explorer.)  

Requests for tissue are processed in the order in which they are received. When submitting a request for tissue online, please be sure to provide complete responses. Missing or incomplete information will delay the review of your request for tissue. If you are not sure precisely what tissue, tissue regions, or quantities are best for your research project, please call and speak with one of our tissue coordinators for assistance before completing the on-line request.

The diagnosis of disorders is based on information in clinical records obtained from treating physicians. The Bank has not independently verified the diagnosis either clinically or through genetic testing.

If feasible, the NICHD BTB will prospectively collect additional tissues and process it according to a researcher's specifications.

Processing Fee

The NICHD contract supporting this human tissue resource center stipulates that recipients reimburse the contracting agency for the cost of tissue processing. The rate is $100 per tissue sample plus shipping costs for academic researchers. The processing fee to commercial enterprises is $300 per tissue sample plus shipping. Other fees apply to special requests.

Request tissues online. (Please use Microsoft Explorer.)