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Awards Committee


Curt Civin - Associate Dean, Research, Department of Pediatric


Claudia Baquet, MD, MPH  Associate Dean, Policy and Planning; Director, Center for Health Disparities; Department of Medicine
Brian Berman, MD  Center for Integrative Medicine; Department of Family & Community Medicine
Maureen Black, PhD  Pediatrics
Kevin Cullen , MD Medicine 
Robert Gallo, MD  Institute of Human Virology; Department of Medicine
Arif Hussain, MD  Medicine
Tony Lehman, MD, MSPH  Psychiatry
Jim Kaper, PhD  Microbiology and Immunology
Myron Levine, MD, DTPH  Medicine
Claire Fraser-Liggett, PhD  Institute for Genome Sciences; Department of Medicine
Margaret McCarthy, PhD  Pharmacology
Chris Plowe, MD, MPH Medicine
Elijah Saunders, MD  Medicine
Tom Scalea, MD  Program in Trauma; Department of Surgery
Michael Shipley, PhD  Anatomy & Neurobiology
Alan Shuldiner, MD  Program in Human Genetics; Department of Medicine
Lisa Shulman, MD  Neurology
Stefanie Vogel, PhD  Microbiology and Immunology 


LaRondi Flowers, Executive Administrative Assistant, Center for Stem Cell Biology