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The Artificial Organs Laboratory is an integral part of the Surgical Research labs in the University of Maryland School of Medicine’s Department of Surgery. The laboratory is a multi-disciplinary education, research and development laboratory consisting of cardiac surgeons, engineers, scientists, residents and students.

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Our Mission

  • To research and develop next-generation artificial and bio-hybrid organs that can support patients with cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, or bridge patients with chronic disease to heart and lung transplantation.
  • To provide the basic understanding of how these devices affect the biologic system at organ, tissue, cellular and molecular levels.

The laboratory is involved in basic and applied research of cardiovascular and pulmonary disease and the fundamental technical problems associated with artificial and bio-hybrid organ development. The current research projects include the use of ventricular assist devices in heart failure, the development of a pediatric ventricular assist device, development of the CFD based modeling of blood damage, and the development of artificial pumping lungs.