Didactic Program

The didactic program supplements the daily clinical instruction. Over 90% of the conferences are presented by departmental faculty. Faculty members support the clinical services to permit the residents to attend the mandatory conferences.

Anesthesiology Core Curriculum

Time: Mondays 3 - 5pm

Mock Oral

Time: Mondays Monthly 4 - 5pm

Description: This conference is a case-based, timed examination with a structured guided question. Two faculty examiners conduct the exam in the classroom with one examinee and all other residents/fellows observing. The 35-minute exam covers pre-op, intra-op and post-op care. The latter 15 minutes are utilized to discuss the content of the exam. Current literature is provided to support the discussion. The examinees are evaluated by the faculty, and the evaluation is part of the assessment of clinical competence.

Journal Club

Time: Mondays Monthly 3 - 4pm

Description: Resident presenters and faculty moderators are assigned at the beginning of the academic year. The resident selects the articles for discussion. The context of the discussion is determined by the faculty member. The residents utilize an evidenced-based medicine template to evaluate the articles.

Systematic Anesthesia Review Course

Time: Mondays Weekly 3 - 5pm


  • CA-1 Tutorial
    Interactive conference utilizing the Basic Topics in Anesthesiology from the ABA/ASA content outline
  • CA-2 Tutorial
    Interactive conference incorporating problem-based learning, based upon the Advanced Topics in Anesthesiology from the ABA/ASA content outline
  • CA-3 Board Review
    Comprehensive session covering the entire ABA/ASA content outline, utilizing test questions and discussions of key concepts

Anesthesiology Grand Rounds

Time: Thursdays Weekly 7 - 8am

Description: This is the main departmental conference attended by all department members. The conferences includes presentations from subspecialty faculty, research faculty, mentored senior resident projects, morbidity and mortality, case presentations, and presentations from local and national visiting professors.

Anesthesiology Chair's Conference

Time: Tuesdays Weekly 6:30 - 7am

Description: The conference is moderated by the Chair and attended by residents, utilizing the Socratic approach for discussion of current issues in anesthesiology and the practice within our institution.

Visiting Professor Lecture Series

Time: Wednesday, 4:30-5:30pm; Thursday, 7 - 8am; 3 - 6 times per year

Description: Faculty leaders in the specialty are invited for two days, to provide formal lectures and to participate in operating room instruction of residents and fellows. Meetings with faculty and visits to the department's research facilities are included.

Helrich Lecture

Time: Annually

Description: This is the department's premier regional visiting professorship. It honors the previous chair and those who have made significant contribution to the growth of the specialty of anesthesiology.

Research Conference

Time: Monthly

Description: This conference, presented by basic scientists and clinical investigators and  highlights the  research activities from the Shock Trauma and Anesthesiology Research Organized Research Center (STAR-ORC), Neuroprotection and Neurodegeneration Research, and Human Factors and Technology Research Programs.