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The anesthesia clinical technicians provide technical support to the anesthesia care team anywhere in the hospital that anesthesia services are needed. They provide assistance with the set up of the anesthesia machine, supplies and monitoring for the case. The technicians prepare the operating room, prior to surgery, by calibrating transducers, preparing peripheral lines and assembling required equipment including blood pressure cuff and ECG cables and suction. They change breathing circuits, set up laryngoscopes, prepare endotracheal tubes and stylets and set up IV fluids and IV pumps. The technicians also assist with the set up of anesthesia trays, IV, trays introducer sets and PA catheters and will assist the anesthesia care team with the placement of invasive monitors.

When not directly involved with a case the anesthesia clinical technicians assure that anesthesiology equipment is clean and in good working order. They perform preventive maintenance on anesthesiology equipment including patient monitoring equipment.


  • James E. McGowan, DHA - Manager 

Technicians Team

  • Danielle Applegate
  • Joseph Badami
  • Porsha Bannister
  • Inge Behroozford
  • Joshua Blanchette
  • Mei Chen
  • Corbin Combs
  • Anthony Cornish
  • Chinar Doshi
  • Courtney Duffin
  • Jessica Fine
  • Thomas Frances
  • Kimberly Gilbert
  • Melissa Grimm
  • Theodore Gross
  • Randy Harris (Supervisor)
  • Mark Huntington
  • Brandon Matthews
  • Meyon Melvin
  • Alana Merkow
  • Corey Moore
  • Michael Oliver
  • John Papanikos
  • Dave Paresh
  • Lauren Parks
  • Tiffany Pulley
  • Andrew Quesenberry
  • Michael Richmond
  • Takia Robinson
  • Lanell Sheppard
  • Lyno Jay Sonza
  • Victor Tabron
  • John Taylor
  • Christina Vines
  • Mattew Walkowoak
  • Jeremy Wells
  • Nicole Young

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