2013 Holiday Benefit

This holiday season, the Department of Anesthesiology supported two local Baltimore city nonprofit organizations.   The department raised $10,530 to support families in need in west Baltimore through Family Connections and homeless veterans through McVet (Maryland Center for Veteran Education and Training).

FAMILY CONNECTIONS located in West Baltimore, helps families meet children’s basic needs and prevent neglect. Services provided by the University of Maryland School of Social Work interns enhance safety and well-being through their outreach programs. We adopted a family with 7 children and fulfilled the wish lists of the children and caregivers.

MARYLAND CENTER FOR VETERAN EDUCATION AND TRAINING (MCVET) located in Baltimore city, designed to provide homeless veterans and other veterans in need, with comprehensive services that will enable them to rejoin their communities as productive citizens. We personally delivered 50 backpacks filled with gifts for the homeless veterans who reside at the emergency shelter and provided their recreation room with new pool cues, ping pong paddles and balls, movies and popcorn.  Department of Anesthesiology staff volunteers also had the privilege of serving and having lunch with the veterans.

In addition, due to the overwhelming generosity of personal contributions from department staff, the department of anesthesiology and members of other departments, we were also able to make monetary donations to Family Connections and McVet to support their valuable programs.


Holiday event 2013 image1
Department of Anesthesiology staff shop at
Walmart for the family adopted through Family
Connections and for the veterans at McVet.
Holiday event 2013 image2
Holiday event 2013 image3
Holiday event 2013 image4
Eric LeTourneau and Joshua Saunders transport
gifts for the family to the loading dock for pick up.
Holiday event 2013 image5
Family Connections staff pick up gifts for delivery to
the caregivers of the family.
Holiday event 2013 image6
McVet (Maryland Center for Veteran Education and Training)
Holiday event 2013 image7
Shelly Kizina stuffs and organizes backpacks.
Holiday event 2013 image8
Loading the backpacks for delivery at McVet.
Holiday event 2013 image9
Holiday event 2013 image10
Eric LeTourneau, Pamela Earle-Jackson, Julie Utz
and Rita Williams are neck deep in backpacks.
Holiday event 2013 image11
Ready for take-off with a jeep full of backpacks.
Holiday event 2013 image12
Anesthesiology Department staff hand each veteran
their backpacks, and shake each of their hands.
Holiday event 2013 image13
Holiday event 2013 image14
Holiday event 2013 image15
Holiday event 2013 image16
Holiday event 2013 image17
(Center, tan suit): Dr. Jack R M Pierce, Executive
 Director, McVet, Veterans and Anesthesiology
 Department Staff
Holiday event 2013 image18
Veterans opening their backpacks with delight!
Holiday event 2013 image19
(L to R): LaToya Stubbs, Karin Wallace, Kelsey
Fitzpatrick, Kim Flayhart prepare to serve lunch to
the veterans.
Holiday event 2013 image20
LaToya Stubbs receives a lesson on how to serve
Holiday event 2013 image21
Anesthesiology staff receive information on McVet’s program from Stanley Daniels, Food Service Officer
Holiday event 2013 image22
Department of Anesthesiology staff volunteers
(L to R): Joshua Saunders, Pamela Earle-
Jackson, Karin Wallace, Eric LeTourneau, Julie
 Utz, Kelsey Fitzpatrick, Shelly Kizina, Kim Flayhart,
Rita Williams, LaToya Stubbs
Holiday event 2013 image23
Serving lunch to McVet veteran students and staff.
Holiday event 2013 image24
Holiday event 2013 image25
Kim Flayhart serves hot biscuits.
Holiday event 2013 image26
Anesthesiology volunteers join the veterans for lunch
and conversation.
Holiday event 2013 image27
Holiday event 2013 image28
Holiday event 2013 image29